Phill Farrugia is an Australian Software Engineer based in San Francisco, California. He is a graduate of Communications and Media from the University of Technology, Sydney. When not writing software, Phill takes photographs of the people, places and experiences around him. He tends to capture the subtle and often unnoticed beauty of the things he sees.

Phill is also a passionate writer and likes to write about technology, business, journalism, programming, privacy, film and literature. These writings are either posted on his personal blog, or employer’s blog, or otherwise hidden from ever seeing the light of day. He enjoys travelling the world and has recently visited San Fransisco and Tokyo with the intention of continuing to experience new places, and broaden his horizons as much as physically possible.

Phill is a strictly creative-minded person, believes money is the enemy of true value and prefers spending time on the details over rushing things through. As an iOS Developer, Phill has spoken at numerous Cocoaheads Sydney meetups, internal company knowledge forums and has spoken at DevWorld in Melbourne.

Feel free to contact Phill with any inquiries, or to say hey!