It’s a pretty simple formula, but it’s the intersection of everything that makes me happy. Doing incredibly fun things, surrounded by great people in ridiculously surreal places. And California is the perfect place for it.

On Sunday some friends and I got together to talk cameras, shoot photos and have some fun. With no plans and some last minute changes, we decided to venture out to Bernal Heights Park and to cruise down to Fort Funston just in time to catch Golden Hour.

Unintentionally I suggested everyone meet at Pinhole Coffee in Bernal Heights, completely unaware of the fact that Pinhole Coffee is actually a pinhole camera themed cafe. Upon arriving I realized how absurdly appropriate the venue was for us to kick off our photo adventures.

We had some coffee and talked about the cameras we each had, and some of the gear we brought with us. I haven’t geeked out about camera gear in a while, and quickly realized how much fun it is.

I snapped a portrait of my buddy Riz in some harsh light shining through a window just before we headed out to start our hike. Shooting portraits of interesting people is something that I really enjoy. Capturing their likeness in a way that represents how I typically see them.

When I say cool people, I mean it.

Surrounding myself with people that push me to be a better human is what matters most. People that have walked the path that I see ahead of me, who have stories to share and lessons for me to learn. They’re the people who motivate me to keep moving forward, to keep following my passions and to constantly be challenging myself to work harder at being a more thoughtful person.

Having hiked Bernal Heights Park, we made tracks towards Fort Funston giving ourselves enough time to scope vantage points at Golden Hour just before the sunset.

Soft, warm light cast itself upon the colorful greenery which contrasted against the blue sky and made for some truly beautiful portraits.

I couldn’t help myself but take advantage of the opportunity to fly my drone and get footage of the colorful landscape, incredible beach and harsh waves crashing against the shore.

Then the sun set, and the feeling hit me.

I love doing this, I love where I’m at and the people that I’m with. I love doing fun things, with cool people in nice places.