It has been a bit of time since I landed in San Francisco on February 11th, and I’ve had some time to settle in and experience a little bit more of this amazing city. I’ve had the chance to spend more time with my close friends in the final stretch of their time here before they each jet back to Singapore. They’ve shown me around a few neighborhoods, taken me to all the cheapest, nicest foot spots, cafes and hangouts that they’ve gathered in their time here and we’ve gone on a bunch of different little adventures that have been plenty of fun, excitement, craziness and intensity. It has only been a couple of weeks and already so much has happened that I’m still coming to terms with. I’m as excited to be here as I was in my first few hours, and even more nervous for the future and what my life will look like in a year or more’s time.

Earlier this morning, I met up with my friends down at Philz coffee near the Ferry terminal at 10:00am where we started our bike ride. We rode through cobblestone streets, up steep hills, down winding roads and passed through the Marina District over to Fort Mason. At which point I was already sick, tired and a casualty to my own lack of cardiovascular fitness. We rested briefly then cycled on until we reached the Golden Gate lookout in Presidio, and took some photos.

Jurvis and I followed up on the photo we took together in front of Sydney Harbour Bridge, with one together in front of the Golden Gate Bridge. Thus proving that we have both worked ridiculously hard in the time that we’ve known each other to be the people we are, and have our paths cross over again. Here’s hoping that despite everything, the next time we’re together in the same place at the same time isn’t too far forward in the future.

From there we kept on riding, until we made it onto the Golden Gate bridge itself and rode across the bridge. Even though the cycling track is narrow , and there are far more experienced cyclers around you, the view from the bridge is sensational. It makes the uphill battle, both on the bike, and in the last few years of my life, worth it. This is where I am right now, and my only intention is to keep on pushing forward, up the hills and down the winding roads.

We ate a really nice Italian lunch in Sausalito, as an Italian man played the piano, before we grabbed our bicycles and headed back to the city on the ferry. Seeing the view of the bridge, and of the city, and of Alcatraz from the ferry, is even more incredible. I could managed to see Alcatraz up close as the ferry passed by and I’m incredibly excited to book tickets to go on a tour and experience it closer. My weirdly, creepy fascinations with old prisons and prison escapes in the stories, books and movies of Alcatraz is something that only being there in person can actually satisfy.

It has also been a couple of weeks since I started working in the office. I could not be more stoked with my new job. The people are nice, friendly, talented and insanely passionate. Prolific has a strong culture that a lot of people seem to thrive in, and do their best work in. I’ve made a lot of friendships already with many of the team and even have a bit of a lunch crew going called #mealpals. I met my CEOs who are both incredibly smart guys, unlike any founders that I’ve met before in my life. I already look up to them both quite a lot, and aspire to build something as strong, valuable and positive as the company that they’ve built. And I am back to being challenged again in the work that I do, focusing on building great products with a care for details and delightfulness, instead of rushing them through.

Last weekend I spent a night at Stanford University in Palo Alto, where I snuck into a Hackathon with some friends and experienced the craziness of sleepless college students competing to win prizes in the tech industry. It was intense and in many ways a little bit overwhelming, but I was incredibly glad to be there and experience it.

I’ve managed to visit a whole gamut of different neighborhoods already like Haight-Ashbury, Mission, Portola and Bernal Heights. But I definitely need to go back to them and do more exploring, take some more photographs and walk around more. That is not even the tip of the iceberg, as there’s so much of this city that I haven’t seen or heard about yet. Next weekend I’m booked in to go skiing in Lake Tahoe with everyone from work. I’ve never skied before, and I can’t remember the last time I experienced snow, so I’m looking forward to but also quite frightened of what experiences lie ahead.

It has only been a couple of weeks, so much has happened, and I have so much in the pipeline ahead. It definitely doesn’t feel like I live here yet, or that I will be here for a long time. Perhaps that feeling will subside with time, but for now, I’m excited and nervous for what’s in the works.