A few months ago I decided that speaking in public, sharing my own thoughts, delivering my own opinions and posing my own perspectives with the world is exactly what I want to be doing right now. So, as with everything I care about, I put my head down and I dived in whole heartedly with everything that I’ve got.

I attended an absolutely incredible series of classes with Public Speaking for Life, the team of people that train and equip the speakers of the well known Web Directions conferences. The course was much much more useful than I’d expected. It gave me a clear insight into the mindset that I should have when I approach giving public talks. It forced me to step outside of my comfort zone, think quickly and be spontaneous – something I would love to embrace and become better at. It taught me that the single most important way to get better is to practice and it gave me a whole workbook of notes on the ways that I can sand the rough edges of my speaking style so that when I speak, I do so with authority, clarity and excitement.

On Tuesday, August 30th I presented a talk titled ‘Great Apps Take Time’ as part of DevWorld 2016 at RMIT University in Melbourne. Instead of a strictly programming focused presentation, I decided to stick to my passions and get philosophical. I discussed society’s addiction with speed and the effects that this addiction has on the way the people build software. I pushed myself to excite the audience, get them emotionally invested in the ideas that I was sharing and deliver with a dynamic tone that lent itself to the importance and care I have for the words that I say. I raised my voice, and I spoke with authority. I stepped out from behind the computer screen and I made a physical connection with the people in the room that had come to hear what I’d have to say.

I am proud and pleasantly surprised by the talk that I produced and how effective I was at conveying the meaning I intended. Ideas landed well and generated the right discussion among the conference attendees that I had the opportunity to speak to. I represented myself and the company I work for much better than I thought I was capable of.

Public Speaking has become a strong interest, passion and process for me lately. I’m already ready to dive into my next talk at Cocoaheads in Sydney so as to get as deep as possible into my 10,000 hours. I have given myself a realistic, achievable and clear goal that my mind is already set on – to be invited to talk at a large, a creative, a ridiculously passionate and a prestigious international conference or event.

Are you the right person to help push me to achieve this goal? Let’s do it.