On Thursday 10 December, once nothing more than a $10,000 credit card debt and now a Sydney-based technology startup, Atlassian raised $US462 million in a much anticipated Initial Public Offering (IPO). It goes to show that now is as good a time as ever to push forward, break down barriers and achieve something bold.

Australia is an amazing country with a thriving technology industry that is only destined to grow.

At the forefront of this technological growth are Software Developers, Engineers and Technology Architects. The impact of technology on us all is entirely at the hands of these men and women, the systems they build and the problems they solve.

Also on Thursday 10 December, Yow Australia held the Yow! 2015 Conference in Sydney. As a proud sponsor of the largest independent event for software development across Australia, Bilue attended both the Yow! 2015 Conference and Yow! CTO Summit in Melbourne and Sydney.

Yow 2015

Attracting the sharpest developers from across the country, the conference is an opportunity to sit infront of a diverse range of experienced, innovative and influential speakers from around the world.

Unlike your off-the-shelf technical conference, Yow! is an event focused on fostering open-mindedness, practical learning and richly engaging discussions. This year’s schedule is split into three well crafted tracks on topics ranging from Cloud Infrastructure to People & Processes, Security, Mobile, Architecture & Design, Languages, Big Data and ofcourse Software Engineering. It includes an amazing line up of well known speakers who have in many ways defined their respective industries, including – Dave Thomas, Kathleen Fisher, Sam Newman and so many more.

While there’s still another entire day’s worth of sessions about to begin, I’ve already seen talks that are going to change my perspective and approach on my work as a developer for years to come.

Yow 2015

On Thursday morning I attended Ben Tesse & Sam Ritchie’s ‘Rethinking MVC with React Native & ReactiveCocoa’ which cast quite a unique light on Functional Reactive paradigms through the lense of Javascript’s React Native framework.

I also sat front row during an eye opening, insightful talk by Mike Magruder – ‘Mobile Performance at Facebook’ that revealed the extremly extensive efforts from Facebook sacrificed in the name of Performance testing. Aaron Bedra’s ‘Adaptive Security’ introduced me to the core concepts behind system security and how adapting to change will improve our chances against malicious attackers.

One talk that stood out as a brilliant testament to the core beliefs, intentions and driving forces for us at Bilue was Dave Thomas’ talk ‘Rigor Mortis (Avoiding)’. Put simply, Dave told his audience to ‘Think Differently’ and ‘Program Differently’. He put forward the idea that language is a limiting factor to the world around us.

What we can’t express with words, we can’t comprehend and by knowing this we can reason that by keeping an open mind, learning new languages and experimenting with different ways of solving problems we can achieve a deeper level of understanding in our work.

This concept applies extremely well to software and it holds up just as strongly when applied to everything that we do. Through an open mind, through seeking new ideas and through exploring new ways of thinking we expose ourselves to experiences and solutions we would otherwise have not even thought possible.

Yow 2015

Yow! 2015 Conference has so far been amazing and informative for all of us at Bilue who’ve attended. New, unique and exciting ways of thinking are the creative forces driving the great work we strive to do each day. As we start to process these new ideas and perspectives from the sessions we’ve attended we’ll spend some time writing them down and sharing them with you. If you too attended Yow! 2015 Conference, enjoy today’s sessions and remember to program differently.