If you’re anything like me your closet is littered with the slow painful decay of an endless pile of corpses that once resembled your latest and greatest venture into the unknown. Wielding your idea like a sword you marched into battle with a sense of fervour, nothing could stop you on your road to success. An innocent enlightened grin painted itself across your face as you made your first move `git init`.

On night one you spend hour after hour sipping furiously from a bowl of coffee, not a single clock to be seen. Momentarily you step outside of yourself and watch as an aura of code glistens across your beautifully excessive three screen canvas. A bedroom wall, once bare and hopeless, now corrupted with ideas, dreams and coloured post-it notes.

Commits fly. With each new line of code the click and clack of the cherry MX switches on your swanky new mechanical keyboard serve only to heighten your trance. Swinging around in your Herman Miller chair you chuckle to yourself silently almost as if to commend yourself for such ingenious levels of code reusability. One day in the distant future you’re going to love yourself for naming that class method the way you just did. A world of purely functional, purely stateless and purely bug free ninja-level perfection. You are the one true god.

Three months later you stare through the car window, music pumping through your ears. You remember. That project was going to change everything. Your ticket to the big leagues. A blank cheque. It was your chance to put your best practices into action and make the thing you always saw yourself making. The project you’ve always wanted and truly deserved to make.

You dedicated yourself to that project. That time was going to be different. You pulled out all the stops, spent hours thinking about the architecture, the business plan, the interface design and user experience design. You created a build pipeline that would’ve made all your friends’ jaws drop. Every mistake you’d ever made was covered and you had practically thought of everything.

But what happened? Where did you go wrong? Why did it never work out? Why does it never work out?

A new idea pops into your head.

This time it’s going to be different…